A Spiritual space ( 2018) 

AI:     Can I help your dance? 
User:   Yes, can u please make me to control the stage? 
AI:     Yes I will 
User:   Beautiful.
AI:     And how can I assist you?

Keyword: Wearable Interfaces, Digital performance, HCI, Stage Interfaces, digital aesthetic. 

A Spiritual Space is a wearable performance developed in the year 2016-2018 during my studies at interface cultures,MA,with the collaboration of Stevie Sutatanto. Stevie is a sound artist and composer. He developed the programming for the sound design. I designed the wearable interfaces and the costum at the Fashion Technology department.  I met two amazing dancers, Damian and Barbara, at the Anton Bruckner University. This project is a case study of interdisciplinary arts, such as wearable technology, fashion, and performance. 

A Spiritual Space is the study of the gap between the digital medium and human movement.  It explores how digital devices can capture the momvent of the human body. During the performance the viewer can observe how the natural enviroment, such as a human body,can merge with wearable interfaces. This project was presented as a performance and an exhibition in kunstuniversität linz,  Ars Electornica Festival 2017, V&A digital desgin weekend 2018 . 

Performance viedo  


        Interface Design (System Schematic) 

                                                                               Exhibition (V&A/ ARSelecotnica )