Gesture Drawing Glvoes workshop(2018)

   workshop platform ︎

“ Embodiment is used to draw  particualr attention to the role of the body” 

  -Paul Dourish, in where in Action is - 

                    Keyword : Non-verbal communication, Social Interfaces, Embodied interfaces, etextiles. 

The Goal of the Gesure darwing gloves woskhop is to desgin and embodied interface by reflecting on the participants own non-verbal communication  gestures.    It also served as an  introdcution  into utilizing conductive  materials  for creative method. The core of the workshop is  based around the  idea t hat  by reserching  gestural communication and  expression and comparing  differences in   social and national background. It is possible to  analyse expressions of identity to find differences and similarities between people of differenct origins.

The performance of  identity may inform us about  the actions (gesture,  modes) that  we engage in within different social contexts.  It is our outmost layer, displaying style  and  personality. It is important to the topic of wearabes becasue it argues that, as social beings, we continuosly straddel our desired projections and the implicit judgment of others.  It has been held in Austria,England,Korea,Spain. 




Gesture Drawing Glvoes KITS.

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