User:   how can machines understand human choreography? 
AI:     what is the choreography?
User:   Choreography is the art or practice of designing sequences of movements of physical bodies
in which motion, form, or both are specified.
AI:     Yes! 

User:   Do u can record dancer’s body data when dancer dance such as emotion and gesture. Sothat wearable interface can contatin the dynamic?   

Keyword : Kinesthetic, Digital aesthetic, Smart-textile, Embodied interface. 

As merleau Ponty states, ‘The flesh is midway between the spatio-temporal indivisual and the idea, a sort of incarnate principle,’
He suggest that flesh can be an embodied interface and the body can become an integarated technology. 

Im_plant, a perofermance and an interactive garments, shows how a wearble machine could reenact a dancer’s momvement. 
The garment’s protruding fiber-optic structures display movement as an extension of the body. Embodied  sensors captures, datafy and store body movement. the garmet reanimates the movements of the dancer through changing lighting sequences and kinetic motion, as if it wants to imitate a dancer choreography. 

During a  choreogrphyic perfomance, the perfomer’s gestural code are expressed through nerve-mascle communicaiton. with the Im-plant interface, the dancer can store her own gestrual expressions in the garment throug the skin, extending the definition of flesh to that communicates through the skin. The garment becomes an extension of the wearer’s gestues. in the same way that human body language is an extention of our unconsciousness. 

Arselectornica 2019