LOVE WEAR Project   withsense team / START21 PRIZE Project ! 

I joined was an assistant designer, more project detail  : 

I joined the Love wear proejct as an deesign assistant. I researched underwear pattern to integrate infaltable structure.  At the Fraunhofer IZM smart textile lab, I was able to coperate with material sienctist to ralized inflatable strucutre.  Alongside,  I was a project major to managind people in Fraunhofer IZM and Witsense team.  participate digital fabrication such as 3dprinting, fabric laser cut in IZM I learnd how to manage the digital fabrication. expecially I worked with ultrasonic welding machine and fabric lamination process, It was able to reseche new techniqe.  after the RE:fream proejct this project won the START 21 prize. 

Infaltable strucutre from Fraunhofer IZM

I mainy tested  fabric  cohesion between the fabric and air flow  with prototyping machine 

Tested material from the lamination process and TPU 3d printing