Teaching source documentation 

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This workshop give a condensed, rapid introduction to eTextile and Wearable, Intersection of textiles, digital fabrication

workshop/lecture at  *University of Arts and Design Linz 
                                          *Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
                                       *Atenea International Conference 
   *Tate morden  
                                *Seoul Art and creative center 


Gesture drawing workshops offer participants to participate and think again about the body language that they used in their own culture. From the basic electronic logic, we can practice how to design embodied interfaces.  During the workshop, participants discuss their own body language and share the idea and can draw their embodied interface.

This workshop give a rapid introduction to eTextile and Performative wearable design. 
workshop at Seoul creative art centor for secondery school  

This lecture gives a the concept of Digital arts  / not Media arts